Sunday, April 29

Competitive Wages?

We had our traditional pizza last night like almost every other weekend. However, this particular time I noticed something different...and it wasn't the coupons.

This morning I pointed out the flyer, stuck to the discarded pizza box, to the hubster.

To say that he flew into a rage is a bit of an understatement. I think he is beyond being pissed at this point, so mostly just pretends to laugh it off.

I am getting ahead of myself; let me digress.

My husband has been employed and loyal to the same company now for 12 years. He's been around this particular business since approximately the age of 8-years-old.

He loves his job. He is good at his job. He is brilliant. Steel runs through his veins.

The problem? After all this time, he is still only making $15 per hour with obviously no advancement potential.

I know what you're thinking, "Well, it's a bad economy. Times are hard for everyone."

We live in a small, rural farming community in the Deep South. His entire family lives here, and everyone knows everyone, one way or another.

We keep hoping for the best and try to remain positive but certainly entertain the idea of possibilities elsewhere.

If the right offer were to present itself, we would definitely experience a few sleepless nights to weigh our hearts about the matter.

My husband is also a veteran and deserves to work for a company that cares or at least offers competitive wages.

Is that too much to ask?


  1. I can totally understand your frustration!! It's the worst to be underappreciated, my hubby is in the same boat. Works his tail to the bone every day and no one seems to care. It's soo frustrating!

    1. Thanks for understanding and taking the time to comment. It's beyond frustrating!