Thursday, April 26

The First Official Tweet Leap

The Official Tweet Leap

Tweet Leap is a fun way to make new blog buddies.

It's like a blog hop - but for Twitter.


Each month there are up to 10 new co-hosts.


Follow host & co-hosts.

Follow at least 10 participating tweeps.

Spread the word!

Grab the code below & add it to your blog.

Scent Surplus

Each month, one (1) lucky winner will win ad space on Scent Surplus for the following month!

Ad space can be for your blog, etsy store or party consultant website, etc.

Contact me at @scentsurplus to get on the co-host waiting list or join the group on Facebook.

Co-hosts with multiple handles can only enter one (1) Twitter link.

Others can be added when the monthly Tweet Leap goes LIVE on the first of each month.

You must have a blog (other than a Twitter micro-blog) to participate.

Now accepting the first 10 co-host requests for May 2012.

Please refer to the page entitled Tweet Leap to add your link & follow updates.

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  1. Hi there.I happened to chance on your blog thru the Blogaholic Social Network Blog Hop event. Its a lovely blog you have here and I do look forward to participate in some of the things you got going here. Im already following you, would be great if you could follow me back too..cheers!