Monday, April 16

My #UBP12 Party Post

I just found out about the Ultimate Blog Party. Better late than never, right?

Excited to share a little about myself and meet & tweet some other fabulous bloggers.

I started Scent Surplus in March of this year but have been micro-blogging since 2008. At one point, I had tried traditional blogging but couldn't find the motivation. Scentsy changed all that!

Scent Surplus is a personal blog documenting my scentsational adventures as an Independent Scentsy Consultant. It's not just a blog about product or building my team. I blog about life and family with a few Social Media tips thrown in for good measure.

5 Facts About Me

1. I am terrified of dolphins and hummingbirds.

2. I believe Nutella makes everything taste better.

3. I have a borderline addiction to coffee and bacon.

4. I wear flip-flops all year long, not just in the summer.

5. I once lived in an Alaskan town accessible only by boat or plane.

This picture was taken on my way to BlogWorld Expo last year in LA.

Now, tell me about you!


  1. Okay, I can see how hummingbirds can be scary (they have those pointy beaks and buzz by your head very quickly!), but I'm a big fan of dolphins. I'm totally addicted to coffee too! I'm jealous that you got to live in Alaska, I've always wanted to go there. I have lived in Japan though! It's kind of close to Alaska! Well, not really, but it's closer to Alaska than it is to PA, where I live now!

    1. Glad you understand my hummingbird dilemma. I saw a dolphin documentary once that completely scarred me for life. Caffeine addicts UNITE! My son wants desperately to visit Japan. If he had his way, we would already be living there.