Wednesday, July 25

What's Your Adventure?

In the upcoming Disney film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Jennifer Garner plays a mother who embarks on the ultimate adventure in clean when a son magically springs to life in her garden. At this moment, her character understands what every mother knows: life is full of messy adventures.

To celebrate magical moments like this, keep reading to find out who is helping get families out of the laundry room quickly and on to the things they love to do.

Visit Frigidaire on Facebook and share your personal Adventures In Cleanand Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children, as part of their $750,000 commitment to the cause. 

It’s simple to share your Adventures In Clean – just upload a photo and the online app turns it into your very own movie poster! 

Everyone who participates will be entered for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Affinity® washer and dryer featuring Ready Steam™.

Laundry expert, Tara Aronson, shares solutions for the 5 most common summertime stains and 10 tips for getting clothes cleaner.

10 Steps to Cleaner Clothes for Frigidaire by Tara Aronson
  1. Immediately rinse or blot away spills on your clothes with cool water to prevent stains from setting.
  2. Read fabric care labels before you wash. Your clothes will last longer if you know how to treat them.
  3. Sort laundry by color, wash cycle needed, and water temperature required. The Frigidaire Affinity’s Permanent Press cycle washes with warm water and less agitation, resulting in less wear and tear on your sturdy jeans, khakis, and sweaters; the Delicates cycle uses cold water and light agitation to gently clean swimsuits, workout clothes, and lingerie.
  4. Before washing stained garments, pretreat or prewash the spot using the Affinity’s Rinse & Spin cycle. If at first you don’t succeed, wash, wash again.
  5. To keep snags and lint to a minimum, zip zippers, button buttons, empty pockets, and brush away lint before tossing duds in the hamper.
  6. If your clothing is heavily soiled, your load large, or the water cold, add extra laundry detergent. Use the Affinity’s Heavy Duty cycle for sturdy but really dirty items like jeans and towels; choose the Sanitize setting to use the hottest water available to get rid of germs and grime as thoroughly as possible.
  7. Check wet garments for remaining stains, and re-treat as needed before drying. Heat will set stains.
  8. Dry only full loads. Tumbling a handful of garments prolongs the drying time by reducing the tumbling.
  9. Fold shirts and T-shirts to prevent wrinkling. If the shirt has buttons, button it at top, middle and bottom. Lay facedown. Fold both sides of the shirt so they meet in the back, with the sleeves aligned with the side folds. Fold the tail up to the cuffs, making a straight line at the bottom. Then fold in thirds crosswise. For T-shirts: a child’s T-shirt needs only one crosswise fold in half; an adult’s should be folded into thirds.
  10. Fold shorts and pants by aligning the inseams and outer seams of the legs and fold so that a crease forms at the front center of the legs. Fold in half or in thirds, depending on the size of the garment.
5 Summer Stain Tips or Frigidaire by Tara Aronson

Smudges, drips, drops and smears – no matter what their source, the key to keeping them from ruining your favorite shorts or T-shirt is to take quick action – before it gets a chance to dry.

For most fabrics, this means blotting up the excess or rinsing the discolored area with cold water (hot can set a stain.) Don’t rub: this spreads the spot and grinds it deeper into the fabric.

Summer spills are especially tough. Here’s how to remove the five most common:

1. Crayon - Scrape off as much of the colorful surface as possible using a plastic picnic knife. Apply laundry detergent directly on the stained area. Gently rub the detergent into the fabric then let sit several minutes. Launder using the hottest water the fabric can handle - or the Sanitize setting of your Frigidaire Affinity washer. Dry as usual.

2. Iced coffee - Sponge the stained area with cold water. Apply a pretreater to the blight. Wash as usual and air dry.

3. Grass - Prewash the garment in warm water in your washing machine –the Rinse & Spin cycle on your Affinity washer – and a laundry detergent containing enzymes. Launder as usual (normal setting) with detergent and chlorine bleach if safe for the fabric. If the garment’s care label instructions advise against it, use oxygen (color safe) bleach instead. Dry as usual.

4. Juice - Soak for a minute or so in cold water. Remove excess water, and then apply a pretreater directly on the stained area. Wash with detergent as usual. Air dry. Do not place in the dryer until the blight is completely gone – otherwise the stain is likely to set.

5. Chocolate (or chocolate ice cream) - Prewash the garment in warm water with a laundry detergent that contains enzymes using the Affinity’s Rinse & spin setting. Launder as usual, using the washing machine’s Normal setting. Dry as usual.

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Sunday, July 22

Summer Burn Out

Contemplating life and trying to understand why I'm so burned out right now about everything.

Maybe it's the summer temperatures...

Parenting, in general, is exhausting. Trying to run your own business only adds to the crazy. I am even bored to tears with Social Media, after years of relentless dedication.

Am I being overlooked? Do I feel unappreciated? Am I maximizing my full potential? Is anyone listening? These are the questions I have been asking myself. Anyone can give or receive a pep talk. I want a systematic and plausible answer.

I would love a fresh outlook on how to snap out of this funk or, better yet, how to avoid it entirely.

It's most probable that I simply need a real vacation, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

How do you stay motivated to avoid burning out?

Wednesday, July 18

Does Mayo Really Matter?

Yes - Real Matters!

Hellmann's has made the commitment to use only 100% cage-free eggs in ALL products by 2020.

Watch, learn & win...

Visit Facebook to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win various prizes including a grand prize trip to next year's FOOD & WINE Classic.

While you're crossing your fingers & hoping to win, check out some of these mouth-watering recipes!

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Thursday, July 12

Trash Bags: Color Scents Review

I recently received a free sample of Color Scents in the mail.

This included three Linen Fresh scented trash bags and a coupon for future purchase.

I wasn't impressed.

First of all, if I were to buy scented trash bags, I would want to actually smell the scent. These bags were not at all fragrant.

Secondly, they were tiny. Four gallons? Yeah, right. I would've rather received one kitchen-sized bag instead of three bathroom-sized bags.

Lastly, these bags had absolutely no elasticity. They might be fine for a traditionally small and round bathroom trashcan. Otherwise, this bag is not the right choice.

Decide for yourself and find out more about this product on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 11

Blog Days of Summer

Has it really been almost a month since my last post? Whoopsie.

I think all blogs slow down this time of year. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and we tend to lose track of time. Guess I should have scheduled some guest posts.

Honestly, I have enjoyed being anti-computer these last few weeks and spending time with the family.

It all started with a strange allergy, and I was sick for about a week. The break felt good, and I decided to enjoy some down time.

Confession: I started playing Skyrim on our Xbox and am totally hooked!

Pictured above is my character, Thora.

I tend to trade one obsession for another so now trying to manage everything including my newest guilty pleasure - Elder Scrolls V.

Hopefully, I can make it through the long list of emails I've been ignoring and catch up on my posting.

Please, continue to be patient. 

More updates coming soon...