Sunday, July 22

Summer Burn Out

Contemplating life and trying to understand why I'm so burned out right now about everything.

Maybe it's the summer temperatures...

Parenting, in general, is exhausting. Trying to run your own business only adds to the crazy. I am even bored to tears with Social Media, after years of relentless dedication.

Am I being overlooked? Do I feel unappreciated? Am I maximizing my full potential? Is anyone listening? These are the questions I have been asking myself. Anyone can give or receive a pep talk. I want a systematic and plausible answer.

I would love a fresh outlook on how to snap out of this funk or, better yet, how to avoid it entirely.

It's most probable that I simply need a real vacation, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

How do you stay motivated to avoid burning out?


  1. I have my burnt out moments too! I'm glad to see I'm not the only helps to see others sometimes need to hit the refresh button too! Hope things feel better soon!

  2. Amber, My blogging buddy,
    Just get away from business, from blogging for a few hours. Even for a day. Get something done that calls your attention or passion.
    We can burn out on doing even the things we LOVE!
    I also take short walks to get away from the computer screen and get some fresh air.
    I take time for myself: Facial mask at home, some quiet time with deep breathing, herbal tea.
    I hear you. And you are not Alone!
    You are appreciated.
    You are loved.
    You are smart and capable.
    You need time for yourself.
    Start doing it today!
    With love and care.

  3. I think everyone goes through times where they just kind of fizzle out. You just need to refocus and redefine what you're doing and what you want to do.